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Current Members


Ah Lee.jpeg

Ah Lee

Elsie Ching .jpeg

Elsie Ching

Chu Lokyin

Lokyin Chu

Samantha Yeung.jpg

 Samantha Yeung

Ann Chan

Ann Chan

Jessica Law.jpeg

Jessica Law

_Lorraine Ng.jpg

Lorraine Ng

Teresa Ng.jpg

Teresa Ng

Christine Au.JPG

Christine Au

Joanne To

Joanne To

Mandy Tang.jpg

Mandy Tang

Wing Lam

Wing Lam

Elly Luk.heic

Elly Luk

Joyce Yu - Joyce Yu.jpeg

Joyce Yu

_Millies Chan.jpeg

Millies Chan

Yvonne Yip

Yvonne Yip


Angie Po.jpg

Angie Po

Irene Cheong.jpeg

Irene Cheong

May Wong.png

May Wong

Cirrus Fan

Cirrus Fan

Janice Lee.jpeg

Janice Lee

Nancy Cheng.JPG

Nancy Cheng

Emily Cheung.jpeg

Emily Cheung

Kate Poon.jpeg

Kate Poon


Ying Ying

Florence Yu.jpeg

Florence Yu

Leonora Lok.jpg

Leonora Lok

Yukiko Chan.jpeg

Yukiko Chan


Alvin Chow.jpeg

Alvin Chow

_Hiro Watanabe.jpg

Hiroaki Watanabe

Nathanael Ling.jpeg

Nathanael Ling

Cheung Ka Chun.jpg

Cheung Ka Chun

Jason Au.jpeg

Jason Au

Simon Leung_edited.jpg

Simon Leung

Chris Wu.jpg

Chris Wu

Jonathan Ho.jpeg

Jonathan Ho

Coman Sheung.JPG

Coman Sheung

Julian Wong T2.jpg

Julian Wong


Chris Lee

Chris Lee

Michael Leung

Michael Leung

Guddy Chan.jpeg

Guddy Chan

Peter Kan.jpg

Peter Kan

Marco Lai.jpeg

Marco Lai

Rico Tam

Rico Tam

Mark Tong.jpg

Mark Tong

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